Separation Agreements

Fair Property and Separation Agreements are Desirable

A separation agreement is a contract pursuant to which spouses agree to live separate and apart. Separation agreements can be executed at any time during separation but are not required.

Property settlement agreements provide for a division of the real, personal, and intangible property of the spouses, as well as a division of marital debt. Most often, separation and property settlement are addressed in the same agreement.

Specific formalities are required to render a separation and property settlement agreement valid, including that the agreement must be in writing, duly-executed, and acknowledged before a notary. Modification of a separation and property settlement agreement can only be accomplished with a later written agreement executed with the same formalities as the initial agreement.

A valid separation agreement which distributes all of the spouses’ property bars an action for equitable distribution, or property division. Spousal support can also be barred with an express provision in a valid separation agreement.

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Although parents can contract concerning child custody, a contract can never deprive the court of its inherent authority to protect and provide for children. Therefore, a separation agreement will not prevent one party from subsequently filing an action seeking court-ordered custody rights. Child support can be addressed in a separation agreement but there are specific rules regarding the ability to enforce and/or modify such contract provisions so it is essential to have specific legal advice in this area.

Pursuing Separation Agreements and Property Settlements Can Help Achieve Your Goals

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